!Trak-It HR is an extremely easy-to-use Human Resource Management System, designed to eliminate the tedious clerical work common to most personnel departments. With !Trak-It HR you can quickly respond to management, employee, and government requests with accurate and professional computer-generated reports. Over 270 standard reports are included as well as a custom report writer. !Trak-It HR also saves you time by putting all your employee information at your fingertips, not in piles of paper.

The Ideal System

it solutions 2!Trak-It HR is an ideal Human Resource Information System for organizations with 10 to 10,000 employees. !Trak-It HR’s capabilities will most often exceed other systems, even those that cost 10 times as much, and !Trak-It HR is usually faster and easier to use. Most of our customers have quickly become proficient in !Trak-It HR because of the simple, straightforward design that makes learning it a breeze. And if you should get stuck, our knowledgeable Tech Support staff is only a phone call away.

Comprehensive Employee Data

!Trak-It HR will eliminate stacks of paper by tracking:

Personal Data
Review Dates
Current Job Information
EEO, I-9 and Vets-100 Data
Unlimited Job Histories
Benefit Details
Insurance Costs
Skills, Education, Bonuses
Compensation Statistics
User-Defined Events
OSHA, Workers Compensation
Emergency Contacts
Training and Licenses
Vacation and Sick Accrual
Follow-Up Note Reminders
Report Schedules
Grievance Tracking

Data Input and Updating

it solutions!Trak-It HR data entry and updating is done using fill-in-the-blank forms on your screen. The data is automatically validated as it is entered, allowing you to correct any errors immediately. Editing can be done with a few keystrokes or a simple selection from your code table, rather than retyping the whole entry, thereby saving you valuable time. Code tables allow you to assign values to each code group, which permits speedy data entry and ensures consistency when printing reports.

Attendance Tracking

!Trak-It HR’s Attendance Module is designed to save you countless hours of tracking, accumulating, and summarizing employee absences. Vacation, sick leave, and personal time accruals are instantly calculated. The accompanying reports help spot and monitor problem employees and problem departments. (Also available as a stand-alone system.)

Benefit Administration and COBRA

!Trak-It HR provides a comprehensive “cafeteria style” benefit administration facility so each employee can have an unlimited number of benefits. The benefit date range and associated costs for both the employer and the employee are individually tracked by the benefit.

When an employee is terminated, !Trak-It HR handles the required Federal Government COBRA Benefits Administration for both the terminated employee and their dependents. Our HR system will produce notification letters, billing statements, mailing labels, recipient report, dependent list, and cost reports.

In addition, !Trak-It HR instantly provides the required Federal Government EEO-1, EEO-4, OSHA, and Vets-100 reports. I-9 Citizenship Verification tracking is also included.

Grievance Tracking

Tracks complaints, discipline, disputes and grievances. Keeps details of all actions with tickler system so you don’t miss a critical date. Available as an HR option or as a stand-alone system.

Links to Payrolls and Time Clocks

!Trak-It Link is an extra-cost option that allows you to easily exchange information between !Trak-It HR and many payroll systems or payroll services. !Trak-It HR also interfaces to time clock systems. Please contact us for specific information.


Multi-User Network Option
The extra-cost Multi-User Network option allows multiple users, each from their own workstation, to share common !Trak-It HR databases. It is intended for companies where several employees need simultaneous access to the employee data. Once purchased, you are free to load the software on an unlimited number of user workstations. This option also requires installation of a network such as Windows, Novell, or AppleShare.
Cross-Platform Option — Access !Trak-It from both Windows and Macintosh simultaneously.
The !Trak-It Cross-Platform option allows your HR information to be simultaneously accessed from both Macintosh and Windows computers. Any number of Macintosh and Windows client workstations can concurrently access the employee data on the server, depending on the capabilities of the server hardware and software. Multiple users can view the same data record at the same time, however only one user can update it at one time. If a second user attempts to update a record that is currently being updated, a message will appear stating that the record is in use by another.

Follow-Up Note Reminders

With the fast pace in the daily life of HR there is always a chance that something will fall through the cracks. With !Trak-It HR all you need to do to have peace of mind is to enter a follow-up date on the employee’s note screen. When that date arrives you will be reminded when you log in about each employee that needs your attention, and it will stay on the list until you clear it.

Report Scheduler

Making sure that certain reports are run on a regular basis is easily accomplished with the report scheduler. With a few clicks you can choose any custom report or series of reports and easily schedule them to be run daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you wish. When the scheduled date arrives you are reminded of the list of reports to run.

Support and Training

!Trak-It HR is so easy to learn and so comfortable to use that most customers train themselves while evaluating !Trak-It HR using the full-function Free Evaluation system. Upon purchasing !Trak-It HR, you will receive 30-days of FREE Technical Support and software maintenance. This Technical Support includes telephone and e-mail support along with our new Fast-Trak program to help you begin using our software quickly. After the 30-day warranty period, it is recommended that you subscribe to our annual Support and Updates Program which entitles you to continuing telephone and e-mail support with software updates. Personalized product training is available to customers through independent consultants for an extra cost.


!Trak-It HR offers more than 270 categorized standard reports. Most can be easily customized.

Basic Record Keeping: employee list (by name, by number), employee count, employee profile, emergency contacts list, age list, birthday list, home address list, home phone list.
Benefits Administration: employee benefit statement, dependent list, insurance census report, COBRA (billing statement, recipient log, mailing labels), benefit enrollment (by plan, by employee), premium totals by plan.
Compensation: reviews due list, review turnaround forms, salary analysis (by department, by name, by title, by salary grade, by job code), ranked salary list, salary increase analysis (by name, by reason, by job code), new hire log, terminated employee log, over/under range analysis, job code statistics, turnover versus longevity, turnover statistics, salary as of a date, grade exceptions, salary history, salary ranking.
Employment: anniversary list, service (longevity) list, telephone directory, license, training lists, former employers list, skills inventory, union list, organization list, recruiter activity, source of hires.
EEO & Citizenship: EEO-1 (summary, detail), EEO-4 (summary, detail), EEO new hire (summary, detail), job group analysis (summary, detail), terminations (summary, detail), I-9 citizenship verification, promotions, Vets-100.
OSHA & Workers Comp: accidents (by date, by employee, not filed), analysis (by div/dept, by injury code, by location), open claims, OSHA 300, OSHA 300A, OSHA 301.
Code Tables: absence reasons, attendance plans, benefit plans, departments, divisions, dependents, EEO classes, ethnicity codes, events, job positions, job status, skills, ratings, salary grades.
Absence Tracking: employee absences (log, details, totals), department absence averages, percent (by department/day, reason/day), ranked absence list, previous year totals, status list, perfect attendance list.


Along side !Trak-It HR’s Standard Reports, a powerful report writer is built-in allowing you to design reports to cater to specific needs of your company. You can sort and select records, include headings, subheadings, subtotals, and grand totals, as well as calculated columns. The report writer allows an unlimited number of reports using various filters that add the precise data you request. You can create new reports, or feel free to customize our Standard Reports and edit as you wish. There is also a letter generator that allows you to create an unlimited number of form letters. Mailing labels can also be produced for each letter. All of this detail is included in the Report Writer for you to create your own reports with the information you need.

We offer a FREE working evaluation system so you can try before you buy. This Evaluation system is the “real thing” with only a few limitations, complete with a pre-loaded sample employee database. Our Evaluation system will demonstrate to you how easy !Trak-It HR is to learn and how convenient it is to use. It is also a great way to demonstrate !Trak-It HR’s functionality and cost-reducing benefits to others.

After you download a free working evaluation system, please contact us to schedule your “no obligation” walk through via the phone with one of our representatives. What could be easier?

To place an order, or for pricing information, please call: (916) 780-8767 x120

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